Ice Ladies was established to create scalp cooling awareness and options for women in the Greater Sacramento and surrounding areas. When Stacy first learned of cold capping in 2019, she traveled mostly to and from the Bay area on a weekly basis to cap ladies going through chemotherapy treatment. It was after realizing the need for services in her own community that Stacy began providing scalp cooling services in Sacramento and the surrounding areas.

Stacy's background in integrative nutrition and wellness carried over into the intimate time spent with these women and the vision to be more than just a "capper" emerged. Ice Ladies is more than just a scalp cooling service, we are part of your integrated support system and care team. We are a tribe of women with an equal mission to serve and support, who genuinely care about you, your health, and your environment. We feel our exact place to be is alongside you during this chapter of your story.  

Bobbi joined Stacy in 2020, during the pandemic, at a time when only the patient and the nurses were being allowed into the infusion rooms. Thankfully, we as cappers and coaches were welcomed in as part of the care team which allowed these women to have companionship, support, and continued hope.

Stacy and Bobbi have so much gratitude and contentment with capping, and both wholeheartedly agree that it feeds their souls. "This is our silver lining.....we are truly blessed with the opportunity to meet and support all of these women and get to call them our friends". 

Where did the name Ice Ladies come from?

It's actually a fun story. During the final capping of one of our friend's on her last chemo day, we were enjoying a little celebration with her family. Reena mentioned that on her first chemo day her mom, Shashi, had referred to Stacy as the "Ice Lady". Remember, because of the pandemic, we were the only ones allowed in with the patient during infusion at this time. Apparently, Reena's mom was texting her during the infusion (and rightly so!) to be sure the "ice lady" knew what she was doing!!! We all had such a good laugh!!! It was at that very moment that "Ice Ladies" was born! Thanks "mom"!!! 

"Ice, Ice Lady!"