Oncology Friendly Beauty


Wellness comes from the inside out and includes everything from what we put in our bodies to what we put on our bodies. 

In addition to good nutrition, your skincare matters. 

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Our skin cells grow and replenish all the time, but when you are on chemo, your cells don't relace like they normally would. Chemotherapy often results in dull, graying skin that is dry, sensitive and irritated. It also makes skin more prone to sunburn and pigmentation.  


We are proud to feature and partner with these amazing healers. 

 Valerie Yager, Holistic Esthetician & Reiki master.  

Valerie is such a beautiful soul,  has a deep love of her work and is truly gifted in her craft. Valerie offers experienced skincare with products conisting of non-toxic formulas that are oncology friendly.  

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