"I heard about Stacy through my nurse navigator at Sutter, who told me she would be a great resource and had worked with lots of prior patients at Sutter. The nurses at the downtown Sutter infusion center know her and speak very highly of her.

I chose to have Stacy provide the full cold capping service, which was very reasonably priced. She did everything, including picking up the dry ice, meeting me at the infusion center with the caps and ice socks/gloves ready to go, and coming to my home following treatment to provide the recommended post-capping time. She even got free dry ice (when available) to reduce my costs. She also kept track of the appropriate capping times based on my chemo regimen. The only thing that I did was communicate with my nurse the day of about when the chemo infusion would start so I could inform Stacy.

Stacy is clearly a highly experienced professional. She worked quickly and efficiently, but always made sure to get the cap placement and temperature just right.

The results speak for themselves. I did not have any foot or hand neuropathy, and my hair looked great throughout treatment. I did lose some hair, which is inevitable, but no one would have been able to tell I had lost hair unless they already knew me.

I cannot recommend Stacy highly enough. She was so knowledgeable, experienced, kind, thoughtful, and accommodating, and she made the cold capping process as easy as it could have been."

Katie B. 

"I was diagnosed with breast cancer in April of 2022. Finding out I had cancer was awful, but learning I was going to have to have chemotherapy scared me. I did not want to lose my hair and look sick for myself, but more so for my kids. Luckily, my oncologist handed me the Ice Ladies brochure, and I reached out to Stacy. Stacy was so kind and patient with me while I decided whether or not to cold cap. I decided to do it. It was one of the best decisions I have made in my life. I kept 70% of my hair, so I still looked like myself. It made my treatment more bearable and most times people had no idea that I was battling cancer. Stacy came to every infusion and stayed with me for four to five hours afterward to post cap. She was my rock on my chemo days. I truly feel that all women should cold cap. It really helped me mentally throughout my treatments. Lastly, when my treatments were done, my hair grew back very thick and healthy."
Jackie B.
"If you face chemotherapy in your breast cancer treatment regime it’s inevitable that you’ll lose your hair. For me, this was something I didn’t want to accept. It was something that was quite emotional and I felt like retaining my hair would help retain a portion of my identity. I chose cold capping to help mitigate hair loss and it absolutely helped. However, what I found was something deeper, and more meaningful.  I found a support system and solace in having someone right beside me every time I showed up for an infusion.  Stacy offered more than just the cold capping service.  She held me up and fought with me while providing a white glove service to help achieve the objective of retaining my identity by preserving my hair follicles. Through it all, the process helped me find a new, stronger identity. I retained hair and it grew back faster and healthier due to the cold capping technique. This was an experience that will forever change me and I’d recommend cold capping to anyone readying to face the battle. "   
Raina N.
"Stacy was my Cold Cap Representative while I was undergoing chemotherapy treatments, from March to July 2020. Stacy made a difficult situation so much better, and more comfortable, with her knowledge and experience.  Her energy, enthusiasm, and kindness during our time together, were of great value to me. She is caring, and understanding of the patient’s situation and needs. My experience with Stacy was first-rate, and I cannot recommend her highly enough. " 
 Elaine G



"Stacy answered all of my questions and concerns. She was very supportive, kind, and compassionate throughout the process. My chemo cycles were during covid restrictions and I am so thankful to have had Stacy at my side. I did not have to experience being bald and I will be forever grateful for my experience. "

Reena S.  


"Stacy Birdsall was my primary Penguin Cold cap assistant. She was fabulous! So personable and so responsible at such a delicate time in my life. We had long days and shared stories and even remedies. I had quite a lot of side effects when I went through chemo. Stacy would assist with remedies…eg, black pepper reduces gas 😍 We still are in touch with each other. Stacy sends me emails and text messages from time to time and I keep her picture on my phone. I shall never ever forget her first day on the job. She was a little concerned and so wanted to get it right. I put her mind at ease. I said, look, Stacy, don’t be nervous, I do not tear down women, I help build them up. From then on, she relaxed into the job. It has been a pleasure to know her. Anyone who gets to know this beautiful lady is lucky." 

Macey P.