Who are we? We are women who want to help other women. The "doula" of cold capping. We provide physical, emotional, nutritional, and resourceful support to women during this life-altering chapter. Women go further when they have a tribe of women behind them. We are your tribe. We are behind you, we fully support you and we believe in you!

We have seen the impact this life-altering diagnosis you are facing can have and we truly want to help you get through this as seamlessly as possible. Whether it's teaching the capping process to a loved one to cap for you, choosing us to be your personal capper or just needing information and resources to continue on your path, we want to help. Now is the time, more than ever, for you to slow down and nourish your mind and body so you can put your healing first. We want to alleviate some of your concerns by providing you with the support and resources you need so you can focus on taking care of you! 

We want to help you feel better so you can heal better. 

When women support each other, incredible things happen