What do we do? We support you with experienced, professional cold capping & personal coaching services. Consider us part of your care team who supports you, and promotes positive healing and improved quality of life during this time. We provide resources, guidance, and affordable options to help you sustain the most healthy and stress-free environment possible. 

How we can help:

CAPPING COACH - We provide you and your chosen capper (family member or friend) with education and coaching that will guide you through the complete capping process before your first treatment. We will walk you through the entire process and make sure that you and your capper are prepared to safely & successfully do the capping yourself. This two-hour training can be done in the comfort of your own home or virtually if you prefer, from anywhere that you are!  

ILTLC PERSONAL CAPPING COACH - We will be your designated personal capper. We will pick up the ice, manage the caps and cooler, and meet you at each of your chemotherapy treatments providing the full day of capping for you and our Ice Ladies signature TLC (ILTLC)) for each treatment date.   

HEALTH & WELLNESS COACH -  Stacy is a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach who supports both conventional and complementary therapies, that facilitate healing and promote optimal health.  Evidence has shown that cold capping can work and includes benefits with improved quality of life during treatment. We believe that cold capping is a critical piece of your care during chemotherapy and we are hopeful that it will soon be considered a medical necessity. 


When we "cap" someone we spend an entire day with them. We spend time in their homes and often get to know them and even their families and friends (and fur babies). We are mindful that we have been invited in during a very vulnerable and private time, so we take our role seriously and respect your dignity. Because of the nature and amount of time spent with each person, relationships are created and many friendships evolve. We gather and collect feedback along the way from those who have gone before you, and we graciously share it with those who will follow you.

Your experience and feedback help us to be a valued resource for others walking in your shoes. We sincerely value our time with you and we truly respect and appreciate all of you.