Together, we are stronger.❤️


"J" FINAL FINAL with her steady support squad!

Very last cap after 4 treatments of AC and 12 weekly treatments of Taxol!  



"R" doing hard things

"R's  last treatment at home post capping celebration


Bobbi made "R" this tutu!!

"R" did hard things!! Final / Final!


"C" pushing through with broken leg!


"C's" final treatment!! 



Beautiful "E" and her final results

Ribbon isolated on white — christmas, nobody - Stock Photo | #220147526 

"R" and family during post capping at home



 Amazing "R's" final treatment ! 



"M" & Juvy


"M's" first treatment icing hands and feet too!


"M" and Juvy again - love this


 "M" and hubby arriving home from final/final!! 


Amazing "M" day after final/final...look at that air (and hair)!


 "M's final treatment riging the bell"

 Look at "M's" beautiful hair!


 Multi Colored Ribbon Merchandise – Fundraising For A Cause




 "K" doing hard things



  "K" did hard things!! Final treatment



"L" icing the brows and lashes too!!!



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