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"R" doing hard things

"R's  last treatment at home post capping celebration


Bobbi made "R" this tutu!!

"R" did hard things!! Final / Final!


"C" pushing through with broken leg!


"C's" final treatment!! 



Beautiful "E" and her final results

Ribbon isolated on white — christmas, nobody - Stock Photo | #220147526 

"R" and family during post capping at home



 Amazing "R's" final treatment ! 



"M" & Juvy


"M's" first treatment icing hands and feet too!


"M" and Juvy again - love this


 "M" and hubby arriving home from final/final!! 


Amazing "M" day after final/final...look at that air (and hair)!


 "M's final treatment riging the bell"

 Look at "M's" beautiful hair!


 Multi Colored Ribbon Merchandise – Fundraising For A Cause




 "K" doing hard things



  "K" did hard things!! Final treatment



"L" icing the brows and lashes too!!!



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