Are you Tox-Sick?

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We are inundated with toxins every day, from BPA in plastics and pesticides on our foods, including ones that can cause or contribute to serious health conditions; things as diabetes, insulin resistance, weight gain, autoimmune disease, asthma, digestive issues, and even cancers.

Diet detoxes are a great way to reset healthy eating habits, however, I believe we need to take it a step further. There are bigger problems of toxins in our lives. In addition to adding healthy foods in, we also have to look at what we need to take out. And, what do we need to stop from getting in all together!

Symptoms of Toxicity
1. Chemical Belly. Bloating, headaches, digestive problems, unexplained weight gain chronic fatigue, constipation, brain fog, sleep issues, or autoimmune diseases are all symptoms that your GI tract is not functioning correctly due to imbalance and chemical exposures.  And since the body is a system, most all of these conditions affect hormonal output. If your gut is not healthy your entire system is not working correctly. A bloated, aching, cramping, or swollen stomach are the symptoms that your body is trying to tell you something is wrong.
2. Foggy Brain. The GI tract speaks directly to the brain at all times. When the GI tract is off we can have symptoms of forgetfulness, depression, and hormonal deficiencies that plague too many. This is a very important fact about the gut/brain connection. The “feel good” hormone serotonin is made in the intestinal tract (90%), while the other hormones are made in the brain. Serotonin speaks to the epicenter of the hormone system, the hypothalamus, which lives in the brain. If the GI tract is distressed and not properly working, serotonin is not delivered to the brain. Then…the HPA axis (hypothalamus/pituitary axis) does not get the proper signals to activate the hormonal system through its conductor, the thyroid. If the thyroid is not activated properly, the rest of the hormones in the body don’t know what to do!! Now you have a body out of control because your stomach is in distress.
3. Unexplained Weight Gain. Eating less, working out more, and getting fatter? We all know someone who is going through this or maybe it’s you personally that is experiencing this….The more chemicals you take in or are exposed to, the more fat you need as storage. It’s your body’s way of saving your life. Your brain has creatively directed those nasty chemicals to your fat for storage.

If you aren’t overeating an excess amount of sugar and carbs, then you are most likely fat from toxins. But guess what? That stubborn weight that has refused to leave your body will slowly melt away by emptying out your fat cells with a change in what you eat, the way you eat, and eliminating toxins from your life.


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